You have the right to voluntary participation.

At any time you may withdraw your consent and end the therapeutic relationship.

  • You have the right to be involved in your treatment planning and have the right to refuse particular therapeutic modalities at anytime during the therapeutic relationship.
  • The therapeutic relationship will be considered initiated after the first full 50-minute session. This initial session is a collaborative assessment. This initial consultation should not be considered initiation of service.
  • Should it become apparent to both/either you or I that the therapeutic relationship is no longer serving therapeutic ends, you are encouraged to speak to me regarding your satisfaction and expectations so that collaborative adjustments to the therapeutic course can be made.
  • I will make every effort at providing you an appropriate outgoing referral(s) professional should you require additional support or services after determining your individual needs.
  • Should you cease communication, and fail to maintain contact after 3 attempts (2 by phone and one my mail), the therapeutic relationship will be considered deferred unless you reinitiate the therapeutic relationship. A follow up assessment may be required again at that time should it be longer than 3 months between